New Lush I’ve received!

So, tomorrow is my birthday (yay!) and I received a few lush items as gifts. I love lush, they make it so easy to find products not tested on animals that actually work well and are worth the money. Anyway, I loved everything I received and I want to share with everyone in case you’re wondering whether you should go Lush or not.

My favorite item I received is the Sea Spray hair mist. I have curly, frizzy hair and the only way to keep it from frizzing up is by using mousse. But this spray actually has some hold to it (contains some gel) and my hair did not get frizzy ONE BIT. It is suppose to give you some volume, which I was worried about because of the frizz, BUT it made my hair more voluminous WITHOUT making it frizzy. I’ve never had this happen. My curls stayed in tact all day and my hair smelled absolutely amazing all day long. I love it! ($12ish)

Next, the Mint Julep lip scrub, their “cocktail lip scrub”. This made my lips super soft, and I simply licked it off once I finished scrubbing. Make sure to use lip balm afterwards, otherwise your lips might dry out. I’m only going to use this a few times a week. ($10)

Lastly, I received the Peppermint massage bar. This works perfect for massages because a couple of glides on the skin and you have enough to work with. It smells amazing and the mint is great for sore muscles (like all natural icy hot). Dealing with sore muscles is basically the story of my life so this is perfect for me. ($11)

That’s it! Thanks for reading:) I suggest you buy all of these because they last a while, are worth the money, and work GREAT.