Sprint is the worst, sleaziest, scammiest phone company! (you guys need to read this!)

So this past weekend I got a new phone and I had the absolute WORST experience at a Sprint store and I want to make it known so that others are aware of how shitty they are. Here’s what happened:

They flat out LIED about when my 2 year contract was up and when I could upgrade to a new phone. Be on the lookout for this. Keep track of when you bought your phone because they will lie to you. My dad called customer service AND a sprint store, and they both said I wasn’t eligible for an upgrade until October. So I went to Best Buy with my mom to upgrade her phone only. Whilst there, the guy helping us tells me I can upgrade my phone too. Excuse me, WHAT?! I was told I couldn’t by two different Sprint people….The guy then tells me that phone companies lie to customers a lot about when upgrades are available. They usually say you can upgrade NOW if you get this new plan OTHERWISE you can’t upgrade until later. I mean, seriously?! That is not cool.

I also had a terrible experience at the actual Sprint store. They are super pushy about getting you to change your plan so that they get the most commission they can. When I told them we didn’t want to change plans, they bugged me asking, why not why not?? Then, when I kept saying no, they made up some bullshit excuse about having to call my dad to try and sell him the plan change since he is the primary account holder EVEN THOUGH, my mom was there and she is also an account holder. I asked them why they had to call if my mom was there and they said, “oh, it’s a financial decision so I have to call.” My dad didn’t answer and they still let me keep my plan, so that was bullshit.

Moral of the story: DO NOT GO TO SPRINT, go to Best Buy. Best Buy employees don’t get paid commission so they don’t push you to buy anything, and they are usually super helpful (at least the times I’ve been…I’ve yet to have a negative experience).