So if you watch the show Manhattan (on WGN America) and you enjoy it, then you are also very excited that it got renewed for a second season and is returning next year! If you didn’t watch the first season, I highly urge you to! It is about the race to build the first atomic bomb for WWII in 1943, and is set in Los Alamos, New Mexico. The show is so intelligent and dramatic, the characters are spectacular, and the directing is nothing short of perfect. It is a bit slow to start off, but after the third episode I was hooked. It is based on the Manhattan Project but most of the characters are fictional and it is not historically accurate (although obviously some things did occur in real life).

The reason I started watching this show is because its director also worked on The West Wing, which is my absolute favorite show of all time. And, boy, am I glad I started watching. But, what made me write this post was the season finale. It was beautiful. I can’t even say it was more dramatic than the rest of the episodes because they are all jam packed with drama, but it was certainly different. My favorite part was the last 5 minutes. It was so beautifully shot and the song that played throughout gave me chills. So, here is the song! It is called Future Primitive and it is by the band Papercuts.  

Also, please comment if you watch the show and what you thought of the season finale, and if you loved the ending/this song as much as I did!